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Liberty Corner Enterprises

Who We Are

Liberty Corner Enterprises Inc. is a local non profit founded in 1987 as a person-centered organization empowering people to live, work, and play in the community of their choice.

Liberty Corner Enterprises Inc. embraces the vision that individuals of all ages and abilities have the supports needed to enjoy the rights of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness and the opportunity to have a good life in their Community. Having a Good Life means different things to different people. A Good Life includes joy and happiness, health and safety, hopes and dreams, meaningful personal/community activities, intimate relationships with family, friends and significant others, having a home, having a real job, having control over how ones money is spent, and having the ability to contribute to family and community. We believe that a Good Life is best led by the voice of the individuals, and that their choices and ideas are respected and followed using Person Centered Principles.

What We Do

Liberty Corner provides an array of services to support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities We believe in providing Person Center supports to each individual in order to to best aim them in achieving their goals and dreams. 


Day Supports

Day Supports at Liberty Corner is a community-based, person-centered service that is tailored to fit each individual who chooses us as his or her provider.  That means that it looks different for each person – Henry spends his days woodworking or making pottery, Lisa and Dakota both volunteer with animals and Claire volunteers to help Asheville stay green with a recycling program. 

 Our goal is to support you to participate in your communities in ways that are meaningful to YOU, based on YOUR values.  

LCE’s experience has taught us that fostered, segregated settings do not promote adequate community involvement.  LCE’s Day Supports service is a way for you or your loved one to experience a true, full community life in Western North Carolina.


Residential Supports

Liberty Corner provides an array of services and supports to assist people to live in a home of their choice in a community setting.  These services may vary from a person living in their own apartment, house, Alternative Family Living, and/or congregate supervised living of six people or less.

Our agency strives to provide individualized supports to people with the common goal of helping people to live the best possible life, based on their terms, their needs, their desires, and their dreams.  Consistent with our mission statement and philosophy, we are committed to services which connect people to their communities and develop a sense of citizenry.

Our staff are trained to provide services and supports based on several different philosophies:

  • Gentle Teaching (developed by John McGee)
  • Person Centered Thinking (developed by Michael Smull, MaryLou Bourne and The Learning Community)
  • Personal Outcome Measures (developed by The Council on Quality and Leadership)

The above materials teach by providing skills, tools, an open-minded approach and a sharing of personal stories.  We have learned that providing person-centered supports for people in a gentle way with the focus on personal outcomes that are important to and for the person.


Supported Employment

Liberty Corner’s Supported Employment service supports individuals to work at jobs of their choosing in the community.  We design the supports around the individual – do you just need to check in with a job coach every once in a while, or do you need someone supporting you at your job everyday? 

We help you figure out what you need and how to get it.

Liberty Corner’s Supported Employment department has longstanding relationships with many partners around the community, including:

  • Warren Wilson College
  • Mission/St. Joseph Hospital
  • YMCA
  • Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project
  • Whole Foods
  • Ingles Markets
  • Givens Estates
  • Asheville Tribune


Discovery Program

Welcome to Discovery:  a residential program for people with developmental disabilities and mental illness with Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) as its focus.  “There is no place like home,” the enduring theme of The Wizard of Oz, offers a creative and innovative approach for discovering and enhancing the quality of residential services at Liberty Corner Enterprises.

Historically, individuals with borderline personality disorder and developmental disabilities have been the tornado, swirling as the most difficult, most costly, and the most ineffectively served.  How does one provide safe havens and homes for those filled with fear, anger, sadness, abandonment, abuse and neglect?  The answer, if found with our brain, our heart, and our courage, is to find the wizard:  Effective treatment, Dialectical Behavior Therapy,  aims to change problem behavior, teach new skills, improve quality of life and help people learn to value themselves and each other.  (Dr. Marsha Linehan, Skills Training Manual for Treating Borderline Personality Disorder.)

 The brain discovers and learns.  Courage enables us to participate in DBT as treatment for ourselves and the individuals we support.  Our heart is filled with the gifts of compassion and commitment.

As a combination of behavior and cognitive therapy, DBT can be adapted for individuals with developmental disabilities.  It requires thinking about what we feel in our heads and in our hearts to arrive at our wise mind and, ultimately, to manifest our unfolding capacities.

“There Is No Place Like Home” Discovery Program was developed in April 2000 with support, guidance and instruction from Christina Carter who trained directly with Dr. Marsha Linehan.  This program utilizes Dialectical Behavior Therapy as a treatment model, including:

  • Weekly individual therapy
  • Weekly Skills Training Groups for people being supported
  • Liberty Corner Staff available for weekend/after hours on-call support
  • Skills training for direct care staff (Skills Coaches)
  • Weekly process and support of direct care staff incorporated into weekly staff meetings
  • Weekly meeting of DBT Consultation Team