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Who We Are

The POP Project is an Asheville, NC-based 501(c)3 nonprofit working to spread the power and possibilities of literacy through a greater access to books.

We recognize the strong correlations between literacy levels, educational and professional success, and susceptibility to entering the corrections system. POP works with other literacy and advocacy agents in Western North Carolina to improve our community members' access to books, and ultimately their ability to succeed.

What We Do

The POP Project collects secondhand books to redistribute within communities in Western North Carolina and across the Southeast. The demand is great, and all contributions are welcome.

We work to assist local WNC charities and organizations whose efforts focus on literacy development or whose clients and members would benefit from a greater access to books. POP donates books of all literacy levels to children's schools and programs, shelters, housing communities, churches, nonprofit organizations, food pantries, and inmates in local and state corrections systems. There is always a great need for Spanish language books, early readers, books about African-Americans, religious books, and paperback genre fiction.

The POP Project will continue to grow and evolve without losing sight of our main goal: to make sure no book goes without a home, goes unread, sits on a shelf and collects dust, and that all of the books we are entrusted with are used for constructive, personal expansion.

At the POP Project, we understand that literacy is the key to facing the challenges of the future.


Interested in donating gently used books? Read our donation policy.